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The birthday party
Author Introduction
The birthday party written by Harold Pinter. He was born in 1930 in hackney he was English playwright. For his called comedies of menace. He had working -class neighborhood in London's East End, he was son of the tailor. He has got to well with his mother but he didn't get well with his father because his father very strong disciplinary man
Pinter was taken his educated at hackney down grammar high school. At school one of Pinter’s main intellectual interests was English literature, partition poetry. He has also worked with the dig written of word Franz Kafka and Ernest Hemingway.
After few years he had left his studies at London's Royal Academy of Dramatic. In 1949 Pinter was fined his work and 1950 Pinter started to and his first published peom.In London uneler name Harold Pinter. After he was started worked hour actor on BBC radio program some focus and foot boll pools. He also studies from him assort time central school of speech and Drama and to used Ireland from 1951 to 1952 with a Shakespeare.
After few years he became writer first he was written some theater play Drama and after he was written for stage. THE ROOM (1957) and A slight Ache. It was Pinter’s first radio piece.
In 1957-58 he written by the birthday party. And it was first performed by Bristol University's drama department in 1957 and produced in 1958 in the west End.
The birthday party is comedy of manse that is drama
Characters study
That is six characters in the play. Now discuss about this characters
The characters are:
Stanley Webber
Meg Boles
Petey Boles
Nat Goldberg
Dermont McCann
Stanley Webber:  we know about Stanley Webber in the birth bay party. He has not works and pianist he was lives in Meg and petey's boarding house. He was very rut beehive for other peoples. The essentially for Lulu. He has past mysterious. he didn't like in section first 1 his life aloofness his behavior very differenced about other characters his behavior very bad and his behavior cal rum play, attempt to physically about Lulu, straggle old lady Meg, curious fear of stranger. At last end of the play, Goldberg and McCann take him away in the back car to manly.
In end section 3 Stanley’s changed appearance toward to the end. Stanley is well- dressed and clean shave his personality was good in end of the play seemed like symbolist and artist’s eventual submission or serenely to the society. Because he know that society is main for every man. Stanley Webber artist who had rebelled against the mode of life which society tries. To impose its members but he pressures of society who make the artist conform to the prevailing social manners and mores. He know about that society could not to late the free-thinking in artist because he was it saw him as a threat to its own stability society symbolized by Goldberg and McCann has destroyed the artist's individuality. The two men's efforts symbolisms the apathy and his timidity of the force of own of dictatorship and totaliranism and Pinter could have bend honking of the such as Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin
Stanley Webber different natures his attempt to physical abuse, But in end of play his totally change of his mind. Pinter this character described physical effect man of character.
Meg Boles: Meg Boles not main character but her character very affixed for other she is petty’s wife, and Meg Boles good natural woman in her six ties year old woman if only froma lack of any reference to offspring of her own, it is implied that she and Petey are childless, she is falls that a void in her life by turning the Boles's boareling. House tenant' Stanley Webber kind of surrogate child for her.
Meg Boles insists on calling him ''boy’ and she trite mothering him Meg Boles not big rolling the birthday party but her character positive good nature and moody behavior for other all character she is middle class woman
Meg Boles and her husband both is good parson but both characters are small character but their character positive effected for then character.
Peaty Boles:    petey Boles like his wife, Meg Boles is in his sixties year old man but his nature same like his wife. He is a deck chair attendant at the unidentified seaside resort where he and Meg own their boarding house.
When we seem the movie the birthday party was easily understood petey Boles character Pinter when written this play so that is not more discuss about his character but in movie very difference of the play
We see in play when he and Meg own their boarding house, which, although it is on the list has been seem much better day’s petey is dull and ambitionless; one more inclined then his wife to find challenges beyond the confines of their rooming house. He has the pairs have simple stetted in to a humdrum existence appropriate to their mundane minds. Because it is his chess night, Petey is present during the birthday party.
Petey Boles came to the birthday party. They are invited for Goldberg.

Nat Goldberg: Nat Goldberg is Jew and his fifties, is the older of the two strangers he come to question and to frighten for Stanley before taking away him. His suave character his gentleman in appearance and demeanoun.He is kindly advice to his hendman.McCam, Stanley and other characters and he is also nostalgic. He has roundly and affectionately recalls of his family and other events form his early life. Nat also insists that Meg and the other should honor Stanley with a birthday party.

Goldberg very good parson and he also soft-heartedness man he has pure sham. His outward charm and politeness it threatening.Hedidn't like Lulu and her behavior and he fondues. Lulu during party and seduces her at the same night.
In part three Goldberg alone with Stanley, he is also suffering from unknown anxiety. He got angry on McCann and unsympathetic toward Stanley and petey.He has so self-confident.

Nat Goldberg character very clam shy and moody man. He not more communicative for other character in party. He sits on the chair and only seems every thing. His character very impressed his side character. He not speaks more time in this play but Goldberg is excellent spoken at that time.

Nat believed that his self made man because he said that don't talk me to top in all subjects. Because I believed the world.....because I believed the world.....
He is may be symbolic signification he is gangster in the employ of some criminal organisation.He may be agent of society at large and may have come to pull the artist Stanley backing to the society. He may be an externalization of Stanley’s own inner thoughts.

We can not campaign any characters with Nat Goldberg because he is mango man but quite difference for all mans.

Dermont McCann:  He is one of the strangers who come interrogate stanley.Hih very different much less impressive than Goldberg. His uneasy arrival at the boarding house. He common character in the birthday party and he is nervous about the 'job' to be done. He not much with nature Stanley and he is unfriendly towards Stanley. He personificative of stanley's and his sense of guilt. His character quit good and he also talk about all characters and
Invited the birthday party. His symbolic signified of two of strangers.

Harold Pinter defined well all characters. McCann very funny her character but his character very proudly man. He has self-confidence
All play is British Drama and in the birthday party for Britain play. And all characters are British and McCann is British man’s McCann are characters like common British man.

Lulu:  Lulu is young attractive girl and she is living next door Meg's boarding house. She is tries to tempt stagey but he is unresponsive. When we read this story we image about Lulu is very important girl in the play her character like heroine but suddenly we thinking about her character that is not heroine but her character difference and look like heroien.Her invited as guest in birthday party on Goldberg’s invitation she sits on his lap during party and encourage him to first with her.

Lulu attractive girl and she are very young in the play and for other characters. Other character like Stanley  didn't like her and in act three rather grieved and complaining about Goldberg's last night behavour.It seem she had been seduced by him
Ambiguity about Lulu's character. He has proud for herself about her beauty. When we could compare her character like Hollywood heroine because she is very difference Pinter express her character like heroine.

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